The PetMom, Inc., approach…

PetMom, Inc., does so much more than just check in on your pet. During the get-acquainted visit, we take detailed notes to ensure that our care is tailored to the specific needs of your pet. During each service visit, we spend 30 minutes or more in your home, meeting the needs of your pet with affection and attention. Our team takes the time to interpret the body language of pets to determine if they want to play, want to be petted, or just want to hear the soothing sounds of a kind voice.

We monitor the intake and output of the pets to make sure they are eating and eliminating as they should be. Our team members have been trained to administer medication and/or shots, if required. A PetMom service visits includes the clean-up of any areas soiled by the pet while it's in our care.

Finally, if you are unexpectedly delayed and out of communication, don't worry. We will continue caring for your pet until you call to say that you've returned home. Upon your return, you will find a hand-written note from the PetMom team member who has cared for your pet.

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