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When you’re home, your pets are happy following their familiar routine in their own surroundings. However, when you’re away, that routine is suddenly changed, and pets may become stressed. Boarding them outside the home could make that even worse. PetMom, Inc. keeps your pets happy by coming into their home and providing them with the kind of attention and affection they need the most.

PetMom, Inc. gives your pets all the personal care they need, which includes: medications, feeding, walking, playing, brushing, and lots of loving. Our philosophy is simple: pets have feelings, just like people. They need affection and attention just as we do, and that’s what PetMom, Inc. does best!

In addition, the PetMom will be happy to bring in your mail and newspapers, water your plants, alternate lights and/or radio and TV, and
open and close curtains and blinds or shades.

Finally, to assure your peace of mind, PetMom, Inc. is fully insured, licensed, and a member of Pet Sitters International.

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